Train Station Garden Maintenance Schedule and Tasks 2019

Dear Volunteers,
The following is the signup list for the summer garden work.  Thank you for your help.  If you need to change your date, please contact Terry or Sharon directly so that we can update the schedule.  We will contact you on the Monday before your Wednesday service by email. 
Sincerely, Terry and Sharon

For a printable copy of the garden volunteers’ tasks, click:

July 3
July 10      D. Schlax, J. Lindquist
July 17      K. Angelbeck, D. Weber
July 24      C. Ramadan, J. Holdsworth
July 31      R. Gerskovitch, C. Ramadan
Aug. 7        S. Nichols, J. Richman
Aug. 14      S. Nichols, J. Richman, D. Mally
Aug. 21      L. Henderson, A. Crouch, R. Viskanta
Aug. 28      C. Ramadan
Sept. 4
Sept. 11     M. Moore
Sept. 18
Sept. 25
Oct. 2         N. Knollenberg
Oct. 9        C. Maines
Oct. 16
Oct. 23      B. Friedland