Executive Board Members

President:  Cindy Ramadan
Oversees Board and General Meetings; publishes monthly Newsletter.

First Vice-President. Membership: Marcia Moore
Oversees membership.

Second Vice-President, Programs:  Sylvia Dunbeck, Denise Schlax
Procures programs and contracts speakers.

Treasurer: Beth Teich
Submits budget reports; pays bills, balances accounts, and communicates with Club Accountant.

Recording Secretary:  Patricia McGuire, Kathy Elmer
Records minutes from Board and General Meetings.

Corresponding Secretary:  Mimi Calfee, Jan Richman
All extraordinary correspondence (thank-you, get well, invitations, condolences, and special functions and events) as directed by the President.

Advisor to the Board (ex officio, as a former president):  Bonita Friedland
Immediate Past President advises the Board.