Plant Identification Guides

Online Sources:   

Dave’s Garden
This site is loaded with information—plant, bird and insect identification and much more. You’ll find useful articles, guides to products and sources, beautiful photos along with a section where you can upload photos of your own prized garden. Check it out.

The Morton Arboretum

Everything trees! The Morton Arboretum is a wonderful resource for tree identification as well as other information. It is a great place to visit. 

Weed ID Guide             

Published by the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri. You can search by common or Latin name.          


United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database

This site has a wealth of information and includes filters for your searches. For example, you can click on Illinois to find all of the trees in our state…listed by both the scientific and common names.

 An app:

“LikeThat Garden”

Using your phone’s camera, take a photo (or use a photo you have already taken) of a flower or butterfly…or even a garden weed! With a couple of clicks, your picture is identified with additional information provided. Available for both Apple and Android for a small one-time only fee. ($2.99) Search the App Store on your phone for “LikeThat Garden.”

Do you have favorite identification sources to suggest? If so, contact the website coordinator of the Deerpath Garden Club of L.F.