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Ex hortorum cultu, patientia, sapientia et amicita florebunt
Through gardening, patience, knowledge and friendship will blossom.

Chicago Botanic Garden–Orchid Beauties
(Collage made with PhotoShop Express…an app you can get for your phone!)
                                                                                                    Photo Credit: Judi Lindgren

Here’s a small gift of spring! Are you as tired of this cold, snowy weather as I? Anticipate spring  by clicking on the arrow under the vase of tulips to the right to listen to one of this gardener’s favorites, “Hurry! It’s Lovely Up Here,” performed by Barbara Harris in the 1965 Broadway production of On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever, with music by Burton Lane and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Continue listening as you scroll down this page to view the slideshow and see our new Spotlight feature! (The song cuts off when you leave the page.)

The club has adopted the yellow rose as “our flower.” Maybe this could be “our song!”

Click on the arrow above, turn up the volume, and hum along, knowing that winter will soon be gone! Stay on this page to finish listening. If you want to read the lyrics of this garden-themed song, click here: “Hurry! It’s Lovely Up Here”

Members’ Slideshow

Every season brings pleasure when we stop to look around. This month, pictures from the Chicago Botanic Garden’s annual orchid show may prompt you to visit the exhibit which runs through March 24. Also, continue to enjoy photos of Lake Forest winter scenes. Photo credits: Bonita Friedland, Nancy Knollenberg, Judi Lindgren, Marge McClintock, Sherri Nichols, and Nancy Stack. 

Click on the arrows to move to the next slide or move your cursor away and the pictures will advance.

“I have a garden of my own,
Shining with flow’rs of ev’ry hue;
I lov’d it dearly while alone,
But I shall love it more with you.”
~ Thomas Moore

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
~Helen Keller

We Are…

The Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest, a garden of friends serving the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Community

 We Share…

Educational programs with our membership and community

We Contribute…

Design and maintenance of civic gardens

Time, talent and funds toward local civic beautification projects

Photo Credit: Sherri Nichols

A photograph of the late Priscilla Billington, along with words of tribute have been installed in the lobby of the Telegraph Road Train Station.

The Spotlight is on “Farm to Table”
One of Our Special Interest Groups

This month, our spotlight is focused on our “Farm to Table” interest group’s field trip to the Farmhouse Restaurant in Evanston on Wednesday, February 13.

Announcements about  various special interest groups are made at our general meetings, on the website, and/or via email. All are welcome–the more the merrier! So, be on the look out, explore your interests, and come join the fun! Interest groups are open to all members and are self-funded (meaning pay as you go if a fee is needed to cover costs.)

Attended by Marcia Moore, Sue Crowley, Diane Boscia, Barbara Schultz, Sue Kramer, Noel D’Orazio, and Kathy Elmer, this group of garden friends  enjoyed lunch and were treated to an interesting presentation of the restaurant’s food sourcing methods while learning a bit about their seasonal rotation of menus. The menu included a few of the restaurant’s delicious specialties for lunch…fried cheese curds, grilled cheese & tomato soup.  What a terrific way to spend a cold Wednesday afternoon!!

Missing gardening during these cold winter months? Or, are you looking for an easy project to introduce gardening to your grandchildren when they visit? Try growing your own greens indoors! Click on the short video for some “how to” tips.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
                                                                                      ~Audrey Hepburn

Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest
Calendar of Events 

Special Note:
Only dates are listed. Program details can be found in the Member’s Section of this site.


June 28, 2018 Annual Celebration Luncheon at Conway

August 23, 2018               Board Meeting
August 30, 2018               Opening General Meeting with Breakfast

September 20, 2018       Board Meeting
September 27, 2018       Veggie Garden at Lake Forest Place

deerpath garden club planting garden

October 17, 2018          Ladies’ Night Out
October 18, 2018             Board Meeting
October 25, 2018             Putting the Garden to Bed

November 15, 2018        Board Meeting
Thursday, November 29, 2018     Making Your Holiday Arrangement

December 5, 2018          Holiday Luncheon and Show

January 24, 2019            Board Meeting
January 31, 2019            Random Acts of Flowers

February 21, 2019         Board Meeting
February 28, 2019         Barb Untch, Floral Artist

March 21, 2019               Board Meeting
March 28, 2019               Gardening Tips with Chalet

April 18, 2019                  Board Meeting
Wed., April 24, 2019      Dahlias with Corney Morgan…note the date change!

May 23, 2019                  Board Meeting
May 30, 2019                  Planting West Train Station Garden                 

June 19, 2019                New date for our club’s New Garden Dedication, Garden Tours, & Luncheon



Cindy Ramadan, DPGC President /2015-2019


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