Due to significant concerns about Covid-19, the disease caused by the corona virus, all meetings and programs sponsored by Deerpath Garden Club will be suspended for some time to come. A decision will be made at some point in April regarding future meetings. Wash your hands, keep your distance, stay well, and think spring! 

Welcome to Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest!
Ex hortorum cultu, patientia, sapientia et amicita florebunt
Through gardening, patience, knowledge and friendship will blossom.

Photo Credit: Unknown

It’s time…

…to find the silver lining during this very difficult and trying time. Even with the shutdown, we can still get outside to enjoy a walk and look for signs of spring, to call a friend and share a laugh, and finally get to some chores you have put off–such as organizing some of your photos. Do you have a photo to share? If so, send it to me for future updates.

Members’ Slideshow

One can find beauty in every season, but to a gardener, anticipating spring casts a special glow on what catches our eye. With heads down to break the early spring wind, gardeners don’t see the melting remnants of dirty snow. Instead, we delight in the tender green shoots poking from the soil. Photo credits in the slide show go to Bonita Friedland, Chick Hayman, Judi Lindgren, Sherri Nichols, and Barb Moore, who clearly was not in Lake Bluff or Lake Forest when she took her photo. Can you guess which is her contribution? Click the arrow to enjoy music as you view the slide show below. 

Click on the arrows to move to the next slide or move your cursor away and the pictures will advance.


Thank you, Mary Carlson, for organizing the annual gathering of our club’s snowbirds spending winter months in Naples. And as before, a wonderful lunch was enjoyed by all!

New Special Interest Opportunities Have Arrived! Click here:
Want some special fun with your garden club friends?

Explore your interests, and come join the fun! Interest groups are open to all members and are self-funded (meaning pay as you go, if a fee is needed to cover costs.) So, what is YOUR special interest? Do YOU have an idea? If so, contact Nancy Ferch, our Special Interest Chair. In the meantime, check out this spring list that Nancy prepared for us by clicking on the link, Want some special fun with garden club friends? Thank you, Nancy!

“I have a garden of my own,
Shining with flow’rs of ev’ry hue;
I lov’d it dearly while alone,
But I shall love it more with you.”
~ Thomas Moore

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
~Helen Keller

We Are…

The Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest, a garden of friends serving the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Community

 We Share…

Educational programs with our membership and community

We Contribute…

Design and maintenance of civic gardens

Time, talent and funds toward local civic beautification projects

Did you know…?

Our Lake Forest Library has a “seed library” with seeds for vegetables and other wild plants. And, spring is the best time to take advantage of this wonderful community resource. Check it out. Thank you to member Marge McClintock for this tip!

Art in Bloom…
Coming Soon!

Watch your email for information about our club’s trip to Milwaukee for the Art in Bloom show. Space will be limited so don’t delay in responding.

The Spotlight is on…  
Our Recent Program from the International Crane Foundation, a non-profit in Baraboo, Wisconsin

Click on the picture of the Black Crowned Crane from Africa to visit this foundation’s website. It is an impressive facility doing amazing work, which includes research, education, and all they can do to preserve these incredible birds, such as the endangered whooping crane along with swans, herons, and egrets. The black crowned crane is just one of many vulnerable cranes on exhibit in very natural settings. There are 4.5 miles of walking trails, interactive exhibits, and more. Would you like to view what you would see and do before you decide to drive north? Check out these two brief video clips: Click here for the first video and here for the next.

A grand opening of their much expanded facility is scheduled for this summer on June 27, 2020.

Are you on Facebook, Garden Friends?  If so, you may want to join a public Facebook Group entitled, “Creative Gardening.”  


It is a lot of fun to skim! Members are from all over the country and range from novice wannabe gardeners just getting started to master gardeners with obvious expertise. Almost every post has a photo from the member’s own garden. Some posts are clever or funny while others ask for advice with helpful answers given by other members. Many posts may spark an idea for you. Since this is a public group, you do not need to ask permission to join, but you must have a Facebook account. Check it out.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
                                                                                      ~Audrey Hepburn

Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest
Calendar of Events 

Special Note:
Only dates are listed. Program details can be found in the Member’s Section of this site.


August 15, 2019               Board Meeting
August 22, 2019               Opening General Meeting with Breakfast

September 19, 2019       Board Meeting
September 26, 2019       Sylvia’s Docent Led Tour of Graceland Cemetery

deerpath garden club planting gardenOctober 24, 2019             Board Meeting
October 31, 2019            Putting the Garden to Bed

November 14, 2019        Board Meeting
November 21, 2019     Making a Holiday Arrangement

December 2019          Holiday Luncheon and Show (Date TBD)

January 23, 2020            Board Meeting
January 30, 2020            The Secret Life of Cranes

February 20, 2020         Creating Your Best Garden

March 19, 2020               Board Meeting
March 26, 2020               Jack Carlson, Photographer

April 23, 2020                  Board Meeting
April 30, 2020                  Art in Bloom Field Trip to Milwaukee

May 21, 2020              Board Meeting
May 28, 2020              Planting West Train Station Garden                 

June 11, 2020            Annual Spring Luncheon at Knollwood CC–our 60th Club Anniversary!

(Mark your calendars–Our annual Holiday Luncheon will be on Dec. 10, 2020.)



Cindy Ramadan, DPGC President /2015-2019


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