Due to the pandemic, events sponsored by Deerpath Garden Club will be planned with members’ safety in mind. Some activities will be cancelled and  some will be modified to better ensure social distancing, such as using Zoom to present a program. Please be sure to check your email frequently for details during this time as plans continue to evolve. And, with the virus more wide-spread than last spring, don’t let your guard down–continue to wash your hands, maintain a safe distance, and wear masks to keep you and others safe. 

Welcome to Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest!
Ex hortorum cultu, patientia, sapientia et amicita florebunt
Through gardening, patience, knowledge and friendship will blossom.

Our Train Station Garden, Summer 2020 
Photo Credit: Terry Wright

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
― Albert Camus

Enjoy the beauty of our summer gardens if only in memory, aided by looking at Terry Wright’s photos in the slideshow below. And, may the many happy memories of our times together sustain us during this ongoing pandemic!

You can still enjoy taking walks, planning your garden tasks for when spring comes again, and trying those delicious recipes being shared by members, thanks to Nancy Ferch! Thank goodness for our memories, even bittersweet, as they have helped keep us going during this ongoing pandemic.

Members’ Slideshow

“There’s no such thing as bad weather…only unsuitable clothing.”
                                                                             ~ Alfred Wainwright

Looking for another outing to get you out of the house? Dress in warm clothing and try driving to different neighborhoods in Lake Forest to enjoy a walk or take a drive to check out our fellow Lake Foresters’ holiday lights and winter containers. Also visit our local parks, which are illuminated for the holidays this year. Of course, Forest Park is a treat to walk no matter the season. Some of the slides are photos from our lakefront…so pretty no matter the season.

Photo credits in our slide show go to Nancy Knollenberg, Bonita Friedland, Terry Wright, and Judi Lindgren.

Click on the arrows to move to the next slide or move your cursor away and the pictures will advance.

Garden Related Hobbies

Some members have very special, interesting hobbies that relate to gardening. Do you? And if so, will you be willing to share? It is not bragging, you know, and our members enjoy seeing what everyone is doing, especially during this period of pandemic isolation. Maggie Logan shared a couple of photos recently that truly amazed me and I asked her if these could be posted. Check out her baking skills with flower themes, inspired by her garden. And, to say Maggie has a baking skill doesn’t quite cover it. These are works of art! The wreath is made of gum paste and Maggie did this as part of a project for her classes at Pastry School. Do you have a hobby? Please don’t be shy…share your unique interests and talents and we can highlight these to inspire members with our next update!

“I have a garden of my own,
Shining with flow’rs of ev’ry hue;
I lov’d it dearly while alone,
But I shall love it more with you.”
~ Thomas Moore

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
~Helen Keller

We Are…

The Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest, a garden of friends serving the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Community

 We Share…

Educational programs with our membership and community

We Contribute…

Design and maintenance of civic gardens

Time, talent and funds toward local civic beautification projects

Photo Credit: Cindy Ramadan

Thank you, Cathy Douglas, for your wonderful urn arrangements at the train station and for updating these each season! Need to get out of your house during this pandemic? Drive to the train station and take a look at Cathy’s urns! 

More hobbies enjoyed by our friends: Check out Chick’s and Bonita’s interest in butterflies and Marge’s photography skills capturing various FUNGI growing in her yard. (Be warned as one of these mushrooms is x-rated, depending on your point of view!😊) Click here to check these out on our “Out and About” page: http://deerpathgardenclub.org/out-and-about-near-and-far/

The Spotlight is on…  
Our Recent Program from the International Crane Foundation, a non-profit in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

It is an impressive facility doing amazing work, which includes research, education, and all they can do to preserve these incredible birds, such as the endangered whooping crane along with swans, herons, and egrets. The black crowned crane is just one of many vulnerable cranes on exhibit in very natural settings. There are 4.5 miles of walking trails, interactive exhibits, and more. Click on the photo to the right to take you to their website.

For now, all events and visits to the facility are on hold due to the pandemic. They rescheduled their grand opening from June 2020 to 2021…date to be announced. But you can virtually visit by checking out these two brief video clips: Click here for the first video and here for the next.

Are you on Facebook, Garden Friends?  If so, you may want to join a public Facebook Group entitled, “Creative Gardening.”  


It is a lot of fun to skim! Members are from all over the country and range from novice wannabe gardeners just getting started to master gardeners with obvious expertise. Almost every post has a photo from the member’s own garden. Some posts are clever or funny while others ask for advice with helpful answers given by other members. Many posts may spark an idea for you. Since this is a public group, you do not need to ask permission to join, but you must have a Facebook account. Check it out.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
                                                                                      ~Audrey Hepburn

Deerpath Garden Club of Lake Forest
Calendar of Events 

Special Note:
Only dates are listed due to the pandemic; details will be added once determined.


August 2020               Board Meeting
August 2020              Cancelled

September 2020       Board Meeting
September 24, 2020.     LF Cemetery Tour (reservation only)

deerpath garden club planting gardenOctober 2020             Board Meeting
October 20, 2020      Putting the Garden to Bed

November 2020        Board Meeting
November 2020        TBD

December 2020        Holiday Luncheon and Show–cancelled 

January 2021            Board Meeting
January 2021            —

February 2021        Board Meeting
February 2021        —

March 2021               Board Meeting
March 2021               —

April 2021                  Board Meeting
April 2021                  —

May 2021              Board Meeting
May 2021              Train Garden planting to be scheduled.                 

June 2020            TBD–Annual Luncheon



Cindy Ramadan, DPGC President


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